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What are compatible toner cartridges?

Compatible toner cartridges are toner cartridges that are manufactured by companies other than the manufacturer of the printer that the cartridge is intended to be used in. Often confused with re-manufactured cartridges , compatible cartridges are not re-filled or re-used. They are made from new or re-engineered parts and assembled as a new cartridge. Most compatible cartridges are manufactured in China...

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Choosing the right printer - Laser or Inkjet ?

CHOOSING THE RIGHT PRINTER Which printer, Inkjet or Laser ? For general home use or for small business, inkjet printers are generally recommended. These are advised because of their smaller size, lower cartridge price and lower printer purchase cost while rendering good quality prints. Although initial outlay and cartridge prices are lower, cost per page is often double or more than...

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How to Identify your ink or toner cartridges

Are you asking  “how do I know what type of printer cartridge I have” ? then look no further, this guide will explain to you how to identify an ink or toner cartridge. There are two kinds of cartridges produced by the different manufacturers. These are Ink cartridges and Laser/Toners cartridges. The easiest and most obvious way of finding out which type of cartridge...

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