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What are compatible toner cartridges?

Compatible toner cartridges are toner cartridges that are manufactured by companies other than the manufacturer of the printer that the cartridge is intended to be used in. Often confused with re-manufactured cartridges , compatible cartridges are not re-filled or re-used. They are made from new or re-engineered parts and assembled as a new cartridge. Most compatible cartridges are manufactured in China with some often higher quality cartridges manufactured in Europe, Taiwan and Korea. 

The quality of compatible cartridges vary greatly. No two factories or manufacturers are the same in this regard. Some factories lower their manufacturing cost by using low quality toner powder, imaging units or poor quality mechanical parts. Some factories use high quality components of equal quality and reliability than those used by the OEM manufacturers. As with many things, you pay for what you get. The cheapest product will often not be the best product and you certainly will not have much support when things go wrong. When buying compatible cartridges , the key to satisfaction is making sure that you buy from a manufacturer that provides a guarantee , check their reviews and testimonials for proof that their customers are satisfied with their service. And always check their terms and conditions for unsatisfactory clauses.

There are many advantages to using high quality compatible cartridges. The most obvious one is cost saving. In some examples companies have reported saving over 50% of their printing costs. For some, this amount can add up to hundreds of thousands of rands. No-one enjoys spending money on office consumables and everyone can do with more cash-flow. 

Planet INK sells compatible toner cartridges of a high quality. All of our toner cartridges are guaranteed for 1 year, you do not pay for return shipping on faulty cartridges and we are always available on email or telephone to help with any cartridge related queries and troubleshooting.

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