Why Use Planet INK Cartridges ?

Why Planet INK Generic cartridges ?

 -          Compatibility

Planet INK products are 100% compatible with cartridges manufactured by the printer manufacturers. 

save money on printer cartridges

-          Affordability

Planet INK cartridges are far more affordable than OEM cartridges, In some cases more than 60% cheaper in fact. This means big savings for your business. Savings can be huge, over 1 month or even more so compounded over 12 months. Saved cash means more cash flow which means more money for you. 

-          Environmentally friendly 

In the manufacturing process, some cartridge components are recycled from used cartridges . These are only mechanical components and not toner or ink itself. This adds life to printer consumables and lowers wastage. A whole industry has been created on cartridge recycling, contributing to employment and the well being of our fellow humans. Cartridge recycling reduces pollution and contributes towards keeping our planet cleaner for longer. 

-          Perform as well as OEM cartridges if not better and longer

Most often Planet INK cartridges contain more toner or ink than the OEM equivelant. This means that more pages can be printed per cartridge. Lowest cost per page creates more cash flow for your business. 

-          Will not damage the printer

Planet INK generic cartridges will not damage your printer. Contrary to what printer manufacturers want you to believe, a Planet INK cartridge cannot void your warranty and will not damage your printer. 

-          Will not invalidate printer warranty

By law, you are allowed to use any cartridge you desire in your printer. It is impossible for our cartridges to damage your printer and therefore impossible to void your warranty. Printer manufacturers use this as an "easy way out" of trying to void your warranty. Dont let them do this.

-          1 Year warranty

All Planet INK cartridges are covered by our 1 year warranty. Any cartridge found to be faulty within 1 year of purchase will be replaced and delivered free of charge. Full warranty on any generic cartridges.