Identifying you cartridge

 How to identify an ink or toner cartridge?

Are you asking  “how do I know what type of printer cartridge I have” ? then look no further, this guide will explain to you how to identify an ink or toner cartridge.

There are two kinds of cartridges produced by the different manufacturers. These are Ink cartridges and Laser/Toners cartridges.

The easiest and most obvious way of finding out which type of cartridge you have is to consult your printer user manual which will specify its exact type. You may also contact your manufacturer telephonically or by visiting their website and they will assist with matching your ink cartridge with the model of the printer.

If your still without answers you may also check by removing the empty ink/toner cartridge from the printer, palm size or smaller and you most likely have an ink cartridge, anything larger than palm size is most likely a toner cartridge. Your next step is to look for a label on the cartridge that will give you a make or model number. The model number is most often made up of numbers or a combination of letters and numbers.  For example “57″ or “CE285A” or MLT-D105L .Use this number when searching for your cartridge on our website. It is advisable to use the exact number as it is on the label. Another alternative is to use the printer model number to search for your cartridge. The printer model number is most often found near the power button or status screen of the printer. Also check the rear of the printer for any labels mentioning a model number. If you are not having any success at either methods give us a call or send us an email for assistance.

Examples of Ink Cartridges

 Sample Ink Cartridge

Examples of Toner Cartridges

Sample Toner CartridgeSample Toner Cartridge